8 Ways To Master Social Media Ads

8 Ways to Master Social Media Ads

With organic reach declining, creating social media ads is the best way to get your business in front of potential customers.

By Marine van As

Marine van As

Posted at 15:00
on 06/09/21


You should use a variety of ads with different goals and Call to Actions to get the best results.

  1. Boosted Posts
  2. Page Likes Ad
  3. Add an Instant Experience
  4. Lead Generation Ads
  5. Increase website Traffic
  6. Define Your Target Audience
  7. Special Occasions
  8. Retargeting Ads


#1 Boosted Posts

Boosting posts is a great way for people who aren’t following you and people who are already following you to see your posts. With boosted posts you can reach:

  • a targeted audience
  • people who follow your page
  • friends of people who follow your page

Use it when you want more people to see a post.


#2 Page Likes Ad

Do you want to gain more followers? Creating Page Likes Ads can showcase your business to new, potential customers.


#3 Add an Instant Experience

Instant Experience Ads appear as regular photo ads, however when someone clicks on the image, it gives them a full-screen mobile sneak-peek into your brand, story and products, without leaving social media.


#4 Lead Generation Ads

Collect more leads with Lead Generation Ads. How? Create a value add - “Be the first to access our Black Friday sale when you sign up”. This will ensure that both parties benefit – they get what they want, and you get another lead.


#5 Increase Website Traffic

Create an ad with an offer with a Call to Action that says, “Learn More” or “Get Offer”. This will then redirect them to your website. This will create more traffic to your website and more chance to gain a new customer.


#6 Define Your Target Audience

Ensure you target the RIGHT people. We don’t recommend setting your target to South Africa and not defining the rest. Yes, your ad will reach a lot of people but not the right people. Use your Buyers Persona to think like your target audience and what their interests might be.


Tip: If you sell your product online and it a high-end product, set your target to ’People who prefer high-value goods in South Africa’.


#7 Special Occasions

People tend to buy closer to special days like Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries. You can set your Target Audience to target people with upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or if they recently got engaged.


#8 Retargeting Ads

Sometimes people need a friendly reminder of your product or service, especially those who are familiar with your business. Simply put, retargeting ads show your ads to people who are already know about your business – either they have visited your website, or they have previously interacted with you on social media. Retargeting Ads have a better chance at grabbing attention and driving sales.

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