The African Sun Foundation

The African Sun Foundation is built on three fundamental pillars: Youth, Literacy and Environment.
These pillars align all our project aims and objectives in all its active sectors. View the pillars below to find out more about our focus areas and associated projects.

”The fortunate have a moral obligation to the less fortunate. And in fulfilling that obligation both become more fortunate.” – Nirode Bramdaw


We recognise the enormous challenges faced by the youth in local townships and farms, and have engaged with organisations that are welfare-based to assist wherever and whenever we can. One such example is our valued partnership with Stellenbosch Child Care and Community Services.


As our name suggests, we are passionate about environmental protection and as a dedicated team of hands-on volunteers we are embarking on clean-up campaigns to reinvigorate life into the heavily-polluted Eersterivier, which runs through Stellenbosch.


50% of children in the Western Cape will perform poorly at school, be unlikely to complete high school and are likely to join the ranks of the unemployed. In order to arrest the poverty cycle we have embarked on a Township Reader Campaign, endorsed by poet laureate Mongane Wally Serote, where we promote maths, science and literacy amongst disadvantaged communities.

The Stellenbosch Children’s Book Drive

African Sun Media and the Usiko Foundation are on a mission to empower the children of Jamestown who have little to no access to books and printed materials. 

We have partnered with Rhenish, Eikestad and Waldorf Primary to drive a literacy project and collect grade R to grade 3 books to donate to the children of Jamestown. 

These children will have the opportunity to enjoy these books at Usiko where they will also be participating in a literacy programme to help counter the damage done to learners missing out on critical educational development during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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