Daily content strategy tips to help you create the right content

Daily Content Strategy

Don’t you wish you knew exactly what your ideal client is thinking and wants to see online? That would be ideal, wouldn’t it? Well, what if I told you we have figured out exactly what your audience WANTS to see and engage with on each day of the week.

By Mariné van As

Marine van As

Posted at 11H00
on 24/11

Have you ever tried selling someone something first thing on a Monday morning? Probably wouldn’t go down well and that’s because you have to get your potential client in the right mindset, at the right time.


Here are your weekly content tips:


#Mondays: Motivate and make yourself available

Everyone needs a little bit of motivation to get their Monday going. We recommend posting content that motivates your audience and open opportunities for them to ask questions.

#Tuesdays: Tips and trust building

Now that the Monday Blues are over, people are more likely to consume content, therefore we recommend using Tuesdays to present industry tips or tips related to your business, building trust, as well as sharing testimonials. Show them why you or your products are the best and why they need it. At African Sun Media, we post our weekly #StatisticTuesday.

#Wednesday: A Day in the life and workplace

Have a bit of fun in the middle of the week with a day in the life or showing behind the scenes of what is happening at the office. You can also show fun videos of clients using your products and services.

#Thursdays: Talk, engage and ask questions

On Thursdays people are a lot more likely to engage as the weeks pressure settles and the weekend nears. You are more likely to get feedback and answers, so leave any Q&As for a Thursday.

#Fridays: Feel Good

On Thursdays people are usually in a good mood and want to connect. This is a great day to post a funny or relatable meme to your page.

#Weekend: Go Wild

Over the weekend anything goes, as long as it is on-brand of course.

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