Betrayal - A Poem By Nirode Bramdaw

By Nirode Bramdaw

Nirode Bramdaw

Posted at 11:00
on 21/08/21



You opened up your door,

in your new green dress.

Your scarf, so azure...

Breathing life into our fresh love.

With bird accompanying chorus.

Nurturing and welcoming,

an open invitation.

Not a feint of harm,

naturing how to give…

But all I did was take.

Take… hand over fist,

Fist over hand…

A bloody betrayal.

I must own it. And I do,

like I owned you on that day,

when you opened the door.

Lover, why do you revolt so?

I get no sleep from the sweats,

pain, guilt... isolation.

These are mere words, words are cheap.

As I beg for forgiveness, your rape continues.

And, all I have are these paltry words.

Prayer too is useless, rubbish themselves.

Forgive me,

my Beloved Earth.

          - Nirode Bramdaw 21/08/21

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