“Our competitive advantage is our shared passion, which is the fuel that allows ordinary people to attain extraordinary results.”



We function as specialists in our respective fields, whilst forming part of an interconnected dynamic team. We are a forward-thinking company; consistently committed to creating and delivering results that are of the highest standards every time.

Our Creative Team

We create captivating and unforgettable designs that will not only grab attention but entice your target audience to engage with your brand.

Our Create team consists of diverse & highly skilled experts in all things Graphic Design, Campaign Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Multi -Media and more.

Combined, we have more than a century of experience as leaders in our field, therefore we provide your business with the competitive advantaged needed to thrive in a digital world.
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Our Print Production Plant

Our print and finishing specialists have a keen eye for detail and reinforce quality at the fore of operations. We offer the latest printing solutions to ensure a superior result. 

We are a print production plant based in Stellenbosch and Parow.
We print:
• Promotional collateral
• Labels
• Marketing & advertising collateral
• Academic collateral
• Books
• General printing and finishings

Our Publishing House

Our publishing specialists will help bring your manuscript to life. 

We have a unique publishing model that balances scholarly and commercial publishing. We utilize a progressive print-on-demand business model, enabling us to publish specialist research titles for a niche market.

With a vast service offering across the publishing design and print spectrum, African Sun Media boasts a catalogue of more than 300 titles, all available online, elevating it to the forefront of an ever-changing industry as a dynamic, adaptable catalyst.

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Years of  experience


Milllion sheets fed through 
our machines


Books published since 2002
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